Zlatan close to Premier League return

Zlatan Ibrahimovic is reportedly close to a move to Everton.

Ibrahimovic is without contract after his time with LA Galaxy. For a long time it looked like the Swedish striker was on his way to Serie A and AC Milan, but now it could be a return to the Premier League.

The Express reports that Zlatan Ibrahimovic may be heading to Everton, who is expected to present Carlo Ancelotti as the new manager very soon.

Ibrahimovic should have rejected an offer from AC Milan, who offered a 18-month contract and a total salary of €2 million. However, the Swede is reportedly keen to find a club that is ready to pay roughly double and that is something Everton could accommodate.

Carlo Ancelotti has not officially been presented as Everton manager yet, but there are rumors that it will be official very soon.